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Blackout by Sarah Hepola Summary & Analysis

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Blackout by Sarah Hepola | Summary & Analysis
In her memoir, Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, Sarah Hepola examines how she drank, why she drank, how others responded to her, and the misfortunes that occurred during her journey to sobriety.
Sarah grew up in Dallas, Texas, and was brought up in a household of modest chaos. Sarah’s mother was the center of her small universe, but eventually decided to go back to school and become a therapist. Fights between Sarah’s parents were regular and unpleasant. Her older brother, Josh, was brilliant, creating academic expectations for Sarah that she could never quite meet.
Sarah began drinking small amounts of beer at the age of six, getting drunk for the first time at twelve. Sarah loved the freedom and confidence that alcohol gave her. In high school, Sarah’s habits finally matched those of her peers, where accessing and consuming alcohol became a normal way to spend time…
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  • Blackout

    By Fusion3214
    This is a very descriptive book about Blackouts. Not the electrical type, but rather, when you drink way to much alchohol, and your body cant take it anymore. It is very interesting, and the author, Sarah, seems to know all about the subject. She even talks about a few expereinces of her own, along with recovering from blackouts.
  • Interesting and highly addictive read

    By Levi613
    An interesting tale in the life of an alcoholic who started out quite young an couldn't help but indulge in it and be obsessed over it. The lessons to be learned along the way are vital as to any recovery of any kind such as this, an through this learn of the misfortunes you have brought upon yourself only to fall once more if tragedy hits and watch everything crumble once again. "Blackout" was and is an indepth look behind ones life under the pressure and influences of alcohol and other conflicting ties that boil down to a very intertwinning and interesting story.